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Cosmetic Dentist Watkinsville GA | Dr. William Rice, DDS

38 Years of Experience in Watkinsville, GA

cosmetic dentist watkinsville gaDr. William Rice, DDS and his team of professionals have over 38 years of experience providing dental services to the Watkinsville area. We’ve seen thousands of patients since we first opened, and have always been dedicated to providing dental services that are affordable, professional, and restore the patient’s dental health. Just a short drive from Watkinsville, our Athens, GA office offers both cosmetic dental services, such as teeth whitening and veneers, as well as preventative and restorative treatments. Read more about our dental services below.

Dr. Rice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, and invests in modern technology to provide excellent dental care. The entire staff at William Rice Dental are friendly dental professionals who work hard to keep each patient’s gums and teeth healthy. Our patients enjoy visiting our dental office, and have allowed us to develop a stellar reputation in the Athens and Watkinsville area. We work hard to make your appointment great.

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Here's What Our Patients Have to Say:

A Family Dentist in Watkinsville GA

family dentist athens ga

For friendly and professional dental services the whole family can trust, visit Watkinsville dentist Dr. William Rice, DDS at William Rice Dental. The staff at William Rice Dental offer a wide variety of professional dental services our patients rely on. Read what one patient had to say here:

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Rice for 16 years; and our daughter has been a patient since her first exam. Dr. Rice is gentle, patient and thorough. His staff have been professional, kind and accommodating, always! My daughter says they feel like family. I would take my Momma to him if she needed dental work.” -Anette Wright

Dental Services

"Take Care of Your Smile"

teeth whitening athens ga


For strong and healthy teeth, make sure that preventative care, such as cleanings and fillings, is a part of your yearly routine. William Rice Dental offers preventative dentistry for the whole family that keeps your teeth healthy and prevents larger future dental treatments. Read below about our dental services in Watkinsville GA.

Teeth Cleanings

teeth cleanings watkinsville ga

Dental cleanings are necessary to prevent painful tooth damage and should be done at least once or twice a year. Patients who regularly receive dental cleanings are less likely to have dental issues later on and acquire an overall lower dental cost. Learn More

Periodontal Screenings

periodontal screenings watkinsville ga

Periodontal screenings check for gum disease and periodontal disease to protect and restore healthy gums. This screening can easily be performed during a routine dental cleaning to keep your gums and your teeth healthy. Learn More

TMJ Screenings

TMJ screenings watkinsville GA

TMJ screenings detect whether treatment is needed for patients who are experiencing constant headaches, tender jaw muscles, or popping of the jaw joints. Dr. William Rice can help patients find the best solution to a TMJ problem. Learn More

Fluoride Treatment

fluoride treatments watkinsville ga

Fluoride treatments help to prevent tooth decay and strengthen the tooth to be more resistant against acid from plaque and sugar. To reverse early tooth decay and demineralization of teeth, schedule regular fluoride treatments. Learn More

Oral Cancer Screening

oral cancer screenings watkinsville ga

Oral cancer screenings are important for the early detection and treatment of oral cancer. Detecting signs of oral cancer early help increase the probability of successful treatment and prevention methods. Learn More.

Dental Sealants

dental sealants watkinsville ga

Our dentist recommends to protect your teeth from decay with dental sealing. Dental sealants act as a shield over the enamel of the tooth to prevent future decay and strengthen the tooth. This plastic cover bonds in to the grooves of the teeth for a strong layer of protection. Learn More

"Brighten Your Smile"

Cosmetic Dentistry athens ga


Dr. William Rice, DDS specializes in cosmetic dentistry to restore teeth to their natural white shine. Over time, the things you eat and drink, as well as small injuries, can affect the appearance of your teeth. William Rice Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services restore your teeth and bring back the confidence in your smile.

Dental Bridges

dental bridges watkinsville ga

Bring back your confident smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges fill in gaps caused by missing teeth and are fitted perfectly to your mouth size for a comfortable fix to dental problems. Contact William Rice, DDS to schedule an appointment. Learn More

Removable Dental Bridges

removable dental bridges watkinsville ga

Removable dental bridges are an easy solution to improve dental problems caused by missing teeth or damaged teeth. Well-fitted dental bridges can help to improve the appearance of your smile and resolve chewing problems. Learn More


veneers watkinsville ga

Veneers help to straighten the look of teeth, close gaps, and improve oral health. William Rice, DDS specializes in cosmetic dentistry to help individuals regain confidence in their smile. Contact our office today to make an appointment. Learn More

Dental Implants

dental implants watkinsville ga

When you need replacement teeth, dental implants are necessary to provide a strong foundation for the new tooth to be placed. Contact William Rice, DDS when you need expert dental implant services. Learn More

Porcelain Crowns

porcelain crowns watkinsville ga

Porcelain crowns are made of a strong material to strengthen the tooth and replicate it’s natural appearance after a root canal. Strengthen your teeth after decaying or other problems and get back your beautiful, natural smile. Learn More

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening watkinsville ga

William Rice Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services to restore the natural beauty of your teeth. After years of staining your teeth with drinks, food, or tobacco, teeth whitening can restore their natural white appearance. Learn More

"Restore Your Smile"

veneers athens ga


Restorative dentistry services at William Rice Dental are easy and pain-free. Our team of professionals are friendly and compassionate, making sure that each patient feels comfortable before, during, and after every procedure. Dental restoration includes root canals, veneers, composite fillings, and crowns. Dr. William Rice can restore your smile.

Root Canals

root canals watkinsville ga

Root canals are common procedures to resolve an infected or damaged tooth. These simple dentistry procedures are quick, affordable, and typically no worse than a standard filling. Call today to make an appointment. Learn More

Tooth Extractions

tooth extractions watkinsville ga

Tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary dental procedure to resolve tooth decay or other tooth issues. We offer tooth extraction services to improve the health of teeth and repair problems that cause the person pain. Learn More


dentures watkinsville ga

Dentures are a common solution for those with missing teeth or weak teeth. Dentures fill in your smile, restore their natural appearance, and improve chewing and speech so that you can live without dental pain or problems. Learn More

Dental Crowns

dental crowns watkinsville ga

To reshape, resize, or fix damages to a damaged tooth, dental crowns are a great solution. Dental crowns are both a restorative and cosmetic dental procedure to fix decaying, cracked, or broken teeth. Learn More

Dental Fillings

dental fillings watkinsville ga

Dental fillings are most commonly done using gold, porcelain and composite resin. This dental procedure takes the place of the existing tooth structure, and restores the strength of the tooth by filling the area that was once damaged. Learn More

Tooth Contouring

tooth contouring watkinsville ga

Tooth Contouring also known as reshaping teeth, is the process of filing enamel to smooth edges and angles, which can change the shape, length, and position of teeth. If you are struggling with irregularly shaped teeth or chips and other uneven characteristics, tooth contouring may be a great option of you! Learn More

Paying for My Dental Procedure or Office Visit

The cost of cosmetic dentistry and preventative dental care shouldn’t cause patients to go without dental services. At William Rice Dental, we also offer competitive rates and senior discounts to our patients. Call our office at (706) 543-4060 to inquire about the cost of any of our services.

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