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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

For most appointments, you’ll just need to bring your dental insurance card, any previous X-rays or paperwork applicable to your dental service, and your medical information. For more specific answers, please contact our office at 706-543-4060.

I’m having pains in my teeth, how do I know if it’s worth seeing a dentist?

As with any type of pain, it is always a good idea to seek the opinion of a medical professional if you are experiencing dental pains. If your tooth pain is consistent, occurs when you eat or drink, causes your teeth to be more sensitive to food and drink of different temperatures, or causes discomfort throughout the day or night, make an appoint with the dental professionals at William G. Rice, DDS.

What are my options for improving the appearance of my teeth?

There are a variety of options for individuals hoping to improve the appearance of their teeth. Depending on the individual, we can perform a simple teeth whitening, create custom veneers, dental bridges, or porcelain crowns, and even dental implants. Make an appointment with our office today to learn about how we can transform your smile!