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Cosmetic Dentist Royston GA

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Cosmetic Dentist Royston GA

Located centrally on your face, your smile is often the first thing people notice. That means you want it to be in top shape at all times.

William Rice Dental helps people just like you regain a confident smile to knock that first impression out of the park. Our talented team of dental professionals provides a variety of services as a dentist in Royston GA in order to maintain oral health.

We are here to ensure our patients with the respect that they deserve. With over thirty three years experience, we have found the best ways to serve our loyal patients.

Dr. William Rice is a highly trained professional who provides superior cosmetic dentist service to residents of Royston GA and around the area.

Although we are a dentist in Royston GA, we want to be your dentist no matter where you reside. We want to serve you and make sure that your dental care experience is pleasant and hassle free, so give us a call for your next appointment.

Located between Athens and Lake Hartwell, Royston is small town home to a wide selection of antique shops. There are more opportunities to shop in the Downtown Market. The city also offers many beautiful places to camp or spend time outdoors.

The Victoria Bryant State Park is located just outside of the city next to a small river. If you are looking for relaxation or a day away, it is the perfect spot.

 Gain Confidence Through Your Smile

Unfortunately teeth can not be naturally replaced once they are lost or damaged. Between accidents, medical conditions and lifestyle habits, there is a lot that can happen to your teeth. At William Rice Dental, we offer a variety of procedures as a cosmetic dentist in Royston GA:

  • Crowns and bridges – When teeth are damaged beyond the need of a filling, a crown may be used to restore health to these areas. Bridges are three or more crowns that are attached and used to compensate for missing teeth.
  • Implants – As a permanent solution for tooth replacement, a dental implant is a long-term, cosmetic dental service offered at William Rice Dental.
  • Dental whitening – Over time, teeth can become stained by food, drinks and nicotine. With tooth whitening treatments at William Rice Dental, enjoy increased confidence and pride in your smile.

Comprehensive Care from a Dentist in Royston GA Care

Offering many of the most common dental treatments, William Rice Dental is the top choice for a dentist in Royston GA services including extractions, root canals, and dentures. Our patients are our number one priority. We understand that some procedures can be nerve-wracking, that is why we strive to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Extractions – When tooth decay goes too long without treatment, teeth may need to be taken out. If a dental restoration isn’t a viable option, William Rice Dental provides simple extractions.
  • Root canals – When the nerve of a tooth is damaged, a root canal may be needed to restore health to the tooth. After long periods of decay without treatment, this concealed area of the tooth can easily become infected, causing severe pain and an inability to eat or drink comfortably.
  • Dentures – Full dentures are sometimes the best solution for individuals with a history of poor oral health, extensive decay or chronic mouth conditions. Work with an experienced dentist to ensure dentures are created to fit perfectly.


Cosmetic Dentist in Royston GA

At the office of William G. Rice, DDS in Royston, GA, our staff treats patients for a variety of cosmetic dental concerns. From veneers and implants to Invisalign braces, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our patients’ smiles. We offer competitive rates and senior discounts are available.

We have been serving Royston and Watkinsville, GA since 1982.

As a Cosmetic Dentist in Royston GA, we offer::

Dentist in Royston GA: Treatments

William G. Rice, DDS–as the top choice for a Cosmetic Dentist in Royston GA–provides quality dental services to Royston and Watkinsville, GA. Keeping patients healthy is our top priority, so we use the latest technologies to treat a variety of dental issues. Our staff provides quality, friendly service that has earned us a great reputation among our patients.

We offer competitive rates, and provide senior discounts.

Our Dental Treatments Include:

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If you’re in need of quality care from compassionate a cosmetic dentist in Royston GA, trust William Rice Dental of to care for your teeth and gums. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.